22-102. Penalties for violation of rules.

    Any violation of these rules or any violation of rules and regulations promulgated by the Supreme Court or by the board shall be cause for refusal of the board to issue or renew the certification of any applicant and for the discipline, fine, censure, suspension or revocation of certification as a New Mexico certified court reporter or court monitor. In addition to any discipline, fine, censure, suspension, revocation, denial or withholding renewal of certification, if the reporter or court monitor is a state employee, the reporter or court monitor may be disciplined as a judicial employee under the judicial personnel rules.

        [Adopted, effective January 1, 1977; as renumbered and amended, effective January 1, 1983; as amended, effective February 15, 1986 and September 1, 1988; February 16, 2004.]

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