22-201. Licensing of court reporters and monitors; power to administer oaths.
     A. Court reporters. Except as provided in Paragraph C of this rule, no person shall engage in court reporting services in this state unless such person is licensed as a New Mexico certified court reporter issued either by the New Mexico Supreme Court or by the Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings.
     B. Waiver of examination. Any applicant for a license as a certified court reporter may be granted a license by the board without an examination upon a showing that the court reporter is a holder of a valid National Court Reporters Association Registered Professional Reporter certification.
     C. Court monitors. If a trial or hearing is recorded by an audio recording device, such proceedings shall be recorded by a court monitor who is certified as qualified by the Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings. In such cases, that recording shall serve as the transcript unless otherwise ordered by the court.
     D. Oath. Certified court reporters may administer oaths to witnesses in judicial proceedings anywhere in this state.
     [As amended, effective December 1, 1993; March 15, 1995; February 16, 2004; as amended by Supreme Court Order No. 08-8300-50, effective December 31, 2008.]

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