Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings

Advisory Opinion No. 2010-1

Statement of Facts:

          Several court reporters have asked the Board for a clarification of Rule 22-605(K), stating that it is unclear and confusing.


          It is the Board’s opinion that the following “Instructions For Complying With Rule 22- 605(K)” should clarify the confusion relating to this rule. If a court reporter follows these Instructions in every aspect, then the court reporter will be deemed not to be contracting.


1.  Print the original; print all copies; and copy all exhibits.

2.  Bind all documents in your standard binding cover with your name on it.

3.  Deliver all copies directly to all counsel who have ordered copies, whether by hard copy, E-Transcript, ASCII, or whatever format. DO NOT DELIVER AND/OR SEND ANYTHING TO ANY THIRD PARTY AT THIS TIME (see #6).

4.  Bill all counsel directly. If you have been hired by a third party, they may accept ONLY the bill for the O & 1.

5.  Handle obtaining signature of the witness in accordance with standard practice. Upon receipt of the Signature/Correction page, or after the 30-day period has passed, seal and file the original transcript with the custodial attorney.

6.  AFTER COMPLETION of the above, if you have been hired by a third party, a locked E-Transcript file or read-only PDF file may be sent to them for archiving purposes.

          These procedures are in place in order to guard against any impropriety and to protect the integrity of the record.

         Authority: Rule 22-402(B)(3) 

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