22-504. Retention of notes.

     A. Retention periods. Official court reporters shall retain their notes in accordance with the Supreme Court approved records retention schedule. All other certified court reporters shall retain:
          (1) untranscribed shorthand or tape or other recorded notes of depositions or other proceedings, other than trial proceedings, for not less than three (3) years;
          (2) notes of transcribed depositions or other proceedings described in Subparagraph (1) of this paragraph, shall be retained for not less than one (1) year by the certified court reporter who reported the judicial proceedings.
     B. Storage of notes. The original paper notes shall be retained or an electronic copy of either the shorthand notes or the English transcript of the notes shall be stored on computer disks, cassettes, backup tape systems or optical or laser disk systems. All such notes shall be safely stored and appropriately identified and dated by the court reporter. Notes of all trial or other courtroom proceedings, whether transcribed or not, shall be delivered to the clerk of the court or court administrator as provided under the Supreme Court's record retention schedule.

     [As amended, effective December 1, 1993; March 15, 1995; February 16, 2004.]

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