22-204.1. Temporary Certification for Court Reporters.

A. Requirements. Upon an application for temporary certification using the forms approved by the board, a temporary certification to perform court reporting services may be granted by the board if the applicant meets the following requirements:

(1)   be of good moral character; 

(2)   possess a certificate or diploma evidencing graduation from high school;

(3)   possess a certificate or diploma evidencing graduation from a court reporting school;

(4)   possess a valid and current court reporting license from another state;

(5) provide satisfactory proof, including three (3) references, that the applicant has been engaged in the full-time practice of court reporting for the three (3) year period immediately prior to applying for a temporary certification;

(6)    be compliant with the Rules Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings and any rules and regulations adopted by the Supreme Court;

(7) be compliant with all support obligations as provided in the Parental Responsibility Act, Sections 40-5A-1 through -13 NMSA 1978;

(8)   pay the appropriate certification fee; and
(9)   once issued a temporary certification, take written knowledge examinations or skills examinations, as needed, to obtain National Court Reporters Association registered professional reporter certification.

B. Expiration. The applicant’s temporary certification expires ninety (90) days after issuance. The board may extend the temporary certification for up to ninety (90) days.
[Adopted by Supreme Court Order No. 16-8300-027, effective December 31, 2016.] 

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