22-204. Temporary certification for court monitors.

     A. Requirements. Temporary certification to engage in the verbatim recording of in-court proceedings or other proceedings specifically ordered by the court in any of the courts of New Mexico may be granted by the board, upon application on forms approved by the board, under the following circumstances:
          (1) the applicant is of good moral character;
          (2) the applicant possesses a certificate or diploma evidencing graduation from high school;
          (3) the applicant demonstrates reasonable proficiency in the recording of an audible proceeding and the operation of audio recording devices used by the courts. Reasonable proficiency must also be demonstrated in the creation of tape or other audio logs; and
          (4) the applicant is in compliance with these rules and any rules and regulations adopted by the board or the Supreme Court and has paid the appropriate certification fee.
     B. Expiration. The temporary certificate shall be valid for six (6) months following the date upon which the temporary certificate is issued, provided the holder of the temporary certificate shall progress towards final certification by the chief trainer. A maximum of one temporary certificate may be issued to an individual. A temporary certificate may be extended once for not more than ninety (90) days.

     [Adopted, effective December 29, 1975 and February 28, 1977; as renumbered and amended effective August 1, 1977; as amended, effective January 1, 1979; January 1, 1983; February 15, 1986; December 1, 1993; February 16, 2004.]

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